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Literature Review

Literature review or the review of literature are the common forms of assignments which are given to students during their coursework. has been offering assignment help service from past 5 years now almost, and it is evident that every year, we receive thousands of assignment requests where students are looking for literature review assignment help. The main reason that the literature review assignments are found to be so difficult is that it requires a lot of research. While conducting a literature review, a student is required to go through a variety of peer reviewed articles to evaluate and review the literature based on the topic. Since we have professional assignment writers, it becomes easy for us to write literature reviews and today we are going to share some tricks which you may also use to write your literature review and can save time.

writing a literature review

Use effective keywords

First and the foremost task is to find effective and relevant literature articles to conduct a literature review. Undoubtedly, it is important that the articles which are chosen for conducting the literature review are peer reviewed and are from authoritative sources. At times some of the universities in different countries have different norms for the selection of the articles. For instance, we have received a lot of literature review assignment help requests where it was asked to use ABDC Journals for writing literature review. However, most of the students are unaware what actually ABDC means? ABDC is an acronym used for Australian Business Deans Council which has created a journal quality list according to which the journals have been ranked and rated as per their authority and the universities require the students to reference the literature review on the basis of ABDC ranking. Thus, it is essential for you to use right keywords to find the relevant articles. Find the variables in your research topic and use those variables as keyword to find authoritative articles.

Reading through the articles

This is the toughest task while writing literature reviews because you will need to identify the appropriate literature from the different peer reviewed journals. However, reading takes a lot of time to read so many journal articles. Generally, we receive requests for assignment help from so many students who usually ask for a literature review of 1500 to 2000 words. In that case, we recommend you to read the abstract first which will provide enough idea that if this article will turn out to be relevant for you or not? If you find the article relevant, then the next step should be to scroll through the “literature review” section of the article and read through it. You will find the literature that has already been reviewed in the past.

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